A Personal Journey of Linguistic Horizons:

A Translator's Odyssey

As I sit down to pen the chapters of my professional life, I am compelled to reminisce about the captivating odyssey that began in 2001, marking the inception of my career as a qualified and freelance interpreter. Little did I know that this journey would unfold like a captivating story, filled with challenges, triumphs, and unexpected turns.

In those early days, I immersed myself in the world of interpretation, primarily focusing on English to Urdu, Punjabi/Mirpuri, and vice versa. The landscape of this service-led field was a playground of discovery, providing me with the perfect canvas to hone my craft and learn from others in this field, even though many see me and my organisation as a front runner and pushing the boundaries, but I encountered, those who became my mentor and guide along the way, who I wholeheartedly thank.  Face-to-face interpretations became my forte, and I found myself collaborating with central and local government institutes, laying the groundwork for what would become the bedrock of my career.

Buoyed by the early signs of success and an undeniable passion for my chosen field, I embarked on a new venture. Teaming up with a trusted colleague and friend, we birthed Britannia Language Link Limited, our first foray into entrepreneurship. The journey was an immense learning curve, navigating the pressures of workload, expectations, business governance, and marketing. Despite the challenges, my partner and I persevered until 2012 when we parted ways, leading to the dissolution of our enterprise.

Undeterred by the ebb and flow of business ventures, 2012 marked a significant turning point as I decided to go solo. Legal & General Language/Translations Services Ltd was born, and with it, a renewed sense of purpose. This era unleashed my full potential, allowing me to cultivate a robust network of individuals and organisations. I extend heartfelt gratitude to all those who became pillars of support, enabling me to build a comprehensive Translation and Interpretation service encompassing multiple languages. The diversity of my team, spread across the UK and the world, became my strength, propelling the organisation to unprecedented levels of service, client loyalty, and referrals.

As the spectre of COVID-19 loomed in late 2019 and then eventually hitting UK beginning of 2020, like countless other businesses, we faced the daunting challenge of adapting to the new normal. Undeterred, my team and I continued to provide unwavering support to institutions and individuals relying on our services, proving that the spirit of resilience could weather any storm.

The final chapter of this journey unfolded in early 2023, a period marked by an unexpected encounter with the Legal & General Group. Their claim that my business, Legal & General Translations Services Ltd, infringed upon their copyright sent shockwaves through my world. Despite my initial disbelief, six months of dialogue ensued, culminating in my acceptance of the need for change. In December 2023, I officially rebranded as WORD4WORD LEGAL TRANSLATION SERVICES LTD, trading as Word4Word™ Translations.

This latest twist in the tale, though challenging, signifies a potential new chapter of success. Through every twist and turn, the unwavering support of friends, family, acquaintances, and organisations has been my anchor. I extend my deepest gratitude to these incredible individuals who have stood by me, both in personal and professional spheres. As the curtains draw on one phase of my journey, I eagerly anticipate the unwritten chapters that await, grateful for the profound lessons and enduring connections forged along the way.

In the intricate dance between success and failure, my journey as a translator has not been exempt from the shadowy corners where setbacks lurk. Like a seasoned gambler, I've experienced moments of triumph that painted the canvas of my career with vibrant hues. However, as a pragmatist, I recognise the sombre truth that success often shares the stage with its counterpart – failure. There were dark moments and grave losses that threatened to overshadow the victories. Yet, it is said that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. In the crucible of these challenges, I found resilience and an unwavering spirit. Each stumble became a stepping stone, and every loss an opportunity for introspection and growth. So, here I stand, not just as a translator but as a testament to the resilience forged in the fires of adversity. This journey, with its peaks and valleys, has shaped me into the person I am today – a person who has learned to embrace both success and failure as integral chapters of a compelling narrative.