Types of Interpretations you need to know: A guide for Solicitors

Interpretation guide for solicitors
When solicitors and their clients speak different languages, the need for an interpreter becomes paramount to facilitate swift and precise communications. However, the realm of interpreting encompasses various approaches. To hep you, we have put together this guide covering different interpreting methods and offering our top recommendations for bridging the language gaps and facilitate effective communications.
Simultaneous interpretations happen in real-time, in which the interpreter conveys the message in as the speaker talks. This method is often used in large conferences, meetings, or courtrooms where immediate and continues communication is crucial.
Consecutive interpretations are the most used service by solicitors. Whereby the speaker pauses after a segment of speech, allowing the interpreter to convey the message in the target language. With consecutive interpretation the interpreter has the opportunity to take note, allowing more opportunity to clarify understanding and improving accuracy.
Sight Translations are the immediate oral rendition of a written document, and therefore often used by the court or solicitors when written documents need immediate oral translations. This involves the interpreter reading aloud a document in the target language with a high level of accuracy.
Telephone Interpretations are often used by solicitors in a situation where an in-person interpreter is not feasible. An interpreter will connect over the phone to facilitate communication with clients who speak a different language.
Video Remote Interpretations (VRI) utilises video conferencing technology to connect solicitors with interpreters in real-time. A method often used when visual cues and non-verbal communications are essential in legal discussions.
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